ocTEL course outline published

ALT have just published the draft course outline for their first MOOC – ocTEL (Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning). The content looks promising – a good mix of theory and practice, covering a wide range of topics. It’ll be interesting to see what level the materials are pitched at – whether they aim the core content at people new to TEL, or whether they assume a certain amount of prior experience. I suspect, given that most of the publicity so far has been word-of-mouth, that most participants will be experienced TEL practitioners.


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  1. Hi Megan, and thanks for taking the time to comment on ocTEL, for which I’m the project manager. The intent of the course is to reach beyond experienced TEL practitioners to people who are new to the field, and we try not to assume prior experience. Your point that we may end up with experienced TEL practitioners because of the low-key word-of-mouth promotion we’ve done so far is something we need to think about. It would be an unintended consequence of something that has come about because (a) we haven’t got a lot of money assigned for marketing, and (b) as with any course that’s running for the first time, we’ve been rushing to get it finished and prioritising that ahead of spreading the word far and wide. Suggestions of ways of reaching a broader audience would be welcome (we are also asking our funders, the Leadership Foundation for HE if they can help spread the word).

    But just to confirm the answer to the question in your post, we are definitely not seeking just to ‘preach to the choir’ but to extend TEL good practices into mainstream teaching, including people who would never describe themselves as learning technologists (nor wish to).

    1. Thanks David – it wasn’t meant as a criticism – I for one am looking forward to joining with a community of TEL practitioners on the course – I see that as one of its main attractions. I’ve been publicising where I can – and am looking forward to the start of the course!

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